3. Simple vintage cross bag.
    very first time making the strap. It was nightmare at first, but got better as the bag came along.
    It fits a smartphone,  a card case, a lip gloss, an eyeliner and a brush! Very useful for traveling and cruising on a longboard.

  4. Il Gesù,  Rome (Chiesa del Gesù)

    The decoration of this church could not be more detailed or more extravagant.  Every corner is filled with sculptures or frescos. 
    Even the fresco on the ceiling has extra dimensional painting on top of it. Or at least it looks like that from the floor. 

    Encountering this church was a pure accident, majecstic one.  I was in awe the moment I stepped into the church.

    If you are a fan of Baroque this is your sacred place. For me it was totally worth for revisit.

  5. beyondfabric:

    Understated Elegance

    Ph: Beyond Fabric

    Imagine him on the streets of Seoul :)


  6. The Horse at Hermès. Photo: Giampaolo Vimercati. #Hermes #Equitation #Leather #Riding #Horse -

  7. Slim bifold wallet.
    Grey with contrasting blue stitching.

  8. DIY: Isabel Marant Pour H&M Long skirt — » dress

    [What you need]
    ☆200cm leather straps x 2 (cut each long strap into 2 pieces, 135cm & 65cm)
    ☆ long skirt with elastic band
    ☆ needle and string
    ☆ scissors
    ☆ glue
    ☆ tape (to hold the straps when you braid them)

    1. Cut the leather straps into two pieces.  One long and the other short. For easy measurement, take out your daily bra. the short piece should be a bit longer than the length of your bra strap. The long piece should be the double of the short one. 

    2. Wrap long piece around short leather strap and start to braid.  

    3. Put glue here and there as you braid the straps to tighten them.

    4. Repeat with the next set of straps. :)

    5.  You have two braided straps that is longer than your bra straps.

    6.  Sew the braided straps on to the elastic band of the skirt. It is the best if you could sew through the braids 

    7.  Viola! :D  It turned into great daily dress~

  9. (Source: therealklt, via slickarmstrong)

  10. L’arcobaleno ‘402 2 Fold Wallet ‘

    This chic wallet is contrasting with every elements it has.
    The cover and inside colours,  leather and its edge coats, even the size and the function!

    This small, mistaken to card case can hold most of the world’s currencies and 5 credit cards! Saying that, and tested on my friend it slips into any guys’ jean or pants pack pocket easily and without the bulging.  Ohhh better,  a guy pulling this out from the breast pocket of his well fitted jacket.

    When it closed this wallet is only 8.5 by 9.5 cm. It comes in brown/orange, navy/cream, and black/black.

    Anyone on search for slim/chic wallet will find this charmer satisfying. ;)